Najestic Images
Nick Argona calls the Finger Lakes his home, but his interest in photography and his fascination with birds in flight has taken his vision higher than he ever imagined he would travel.

Ironically tagged as a “snowbird”, with Jackie at his side, Nick’s passion is capturing the sea birds along
Florida’s East Coast as they soar above the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding estuaries.

When the flowers begin to bloom in New York, you will find Nick and Jackie returning to the shores of Seneca Lake where the Blue Jays, Swans and Ducks have been anxiously awaiting their turn in front of Nicks camera.

Photography by Amy Argona
Amy Argona is a Professional Photographer and Graphic Artist residing in the heart of the Finger Lakes.

Whether she is capturing a breathtaking scene along the road side, shooting a portrait session in a local park
or photographing the actors for her local High School Drama Club, Amy is comfortable behind her camera
where the beauty of this world can be frozen in time.

The fun doesn't stop at photography. As an experienced artist, the computer is her oyster with digital creations, photo restoration and photo editing as her pearls.

Portal Photography
Amanda Landcastle is the newest member of this photographic venture
Amanda is a full time college student but always finds time to dive deeper into the wonders of photography.
She plans to continue developing her photography skills, eventually leading to a career she loves.

Aaron Landcastle
Aaron Landcastle is a writer, an artist and a soul.

Expressing himself through the written word and his visual renderings,
he joins this website to share his work with you.